Mum praises hospital for curing her little girl

Izzabel Wright is healthy again after her trip to Grantham Hospital.
Izzabel Wright is healthy again after her trip to Grantham Hospital.
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A MOTHER is praising Grantham Hospital staff for the help they gave her sick daughter just days before they turned away a young baby.

Two weeks ago the Journal reported on Michaela Sleney’s struggles to get care for her son, Jaiden.

Miss Sleney told the Journal she was turned away from hospital twice before getting the care she need for her son. United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust has offered to investigate her complaint.

But Rachel Wright, of Baysdale Grove, Grantham, says her experience of care at the hospital was completely different.

She said: “I can’t rave enough about how brilliant they were. They were so thorough - I can’t believe that they weren’t with Michaela Sleney.”

Rachel’s daughter Izzabel first started to get ill with what doctors believe was food poisoning on Saturday, April 16. The family was on holiday in Coventry at the time but after just one day Izzabel’s condition worsened and they decided to return to Grantham.

Rachel called 111 - the non-emergency NHS number - and was told to take Izzabel to an out-of-hours doctor, which she did. Two days later Izzabel was no better.

Rachel said: “She was being sick every 20 minutes. She hadn’t eaten since Saturday so I phoned my GP.”

The doctors advised her to go to the hospital.

Rachel said: “She was really dehydrated and floppy. Everything that went in her mouth came back out. They put her straight on a drip and told her it was magic lemonade that was going to make her better. That’s how lovely the were especially Dr Setty and the nurse, Skye.”

Rachel and her husband were told that Izzabel would have to be transferred to Boston for care but an ambulance did not arrive until 12.30am.

Rachel said: “Izzabel was pretty scared but the paramedics were absolutely fantastic, they were reassuring and calm.”

Izzabel was treated for two days before being allowed to return home.

Despite the long wait for the ambulance Rachel does not blame the hospital staff.

She said: “They are so stretched. The NHS is having cutbacks and it’s not until you have a situation like this that you realise just how much.

“They should put more children’s services at Grantham. You are already worried as it is without the stretch of going to Boston.”

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