Partnership will help drinkers and drug-takers in Grantham

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The team at Grantham Hospital’s A&E department are working with Lincolnshire’s new drug and alcohol recovery team to help people who are at risk of harm because of their drinking and drug use.

A&E teams across the county have linked up with the Drug and Alcohol Recovery Team (DART). A&E staff are trained to quickly identify people at increased risk of alcohol and drug-related harm and can refer them directly on to the specialist services provided by DART.

The DART team works with A&E patients by offering personalised treatment that focuses on each individual’s broad-ranging needs related to their addiction.

Each year, there are around 4,000 A&E attendances at Lincolnshire’s hospitals where drugs or alcohol are listed as the reason for the person’s visit.

By identifying people who may have a problem early on and referring them directly to DART for help with their dependency, their risk of harm can be reduced.

Head of service for DART Nige Dixon said: “Reducing hospital admissions caused by alcohol related illness or injury is a major area of focus for DART. Alcohol related injury and health problems have a substantial burden on the NHS and costs the country approximately £2.7 billion per year.

“By working closely with A&E we can hopefully raise awareness of the help and support available, with a view to reducing alcohol related injuries and addressing problematic alcohol and drug use before it has a significant impact on someone’s long-term health.”