Retired consultant airs concerns about hospital

Mr Chakrabarti, story about Grantham Hospital. 345C
Mr Chakrabarti, story about Grantham Hospital. 345C
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A RETIRED consultant at Grantham Hospital has spoken out to express the feelings of his former colleagues.

Lakshmi Chakrabarti, of Harlaxton Road, Grantham, is very concerned about the level of services at the hospital, despite reassurances from MP Nick Boles and the hospital bosses reported by the Journal last week.

He said former colleagues have been in touch with him to express their fears and concerns.

He commented: “I’ve talked to the nurses and consultants and they are not happy with what’s happening there, but they’re afraid to speak. But they can talk to me very frankly.”

Mr Chakrabarti, who was an A&E consultant at the hospital, appointed A&E clinical nurse manager Paul Lewis, who was recently offered demotion and removal from the department or dismissal from the job.

They worked together for 20 years and Mr Chakrabarti said: “I don’t know why a person who was working so hard was targeted. He was doing a wonderful job. Now the staff are scared to do anything about it.”

But it is not just the staff he is concerned for, but also the level of services available at the hospital.

Mr Chakrabarti spoke at the hospital rally in 2005 when the Journal launched a campaign to save the hospital.

He said: “When I retired, there were full services at the hospital but they stopped replacing people who retired.

“After that, children’s services were cut, maternity services were cut, surgery at night was stopped.

“It means Grantham people are being shunted to Boston or Lincoln.

“MP Nick Boles has written that the hospital is safe, but some services are already going. This happened back in 2005 when they said the whole hospital was safe and then services were being taken away bit by bit.

“This hospital is supposed to stay, in the sense that it will still be a building called a hospital, but what I would like to know is: What sort of hospital will it be when all the services are going?

“We have to ask them to put the services back. If I fall sick at night I know nothing can be done at Grantham, I would have to go to other places and I can’t drive that far at night.”