Video: Former Grantham A&E nurse manager Paul Lewis speaks out at rally

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Several speakers had their say at today’s protest rally outside Grantham Hospital – but by far the most popular was former Grantham A&E clinical nurse manager Paul Lewis.

Paul is a familiar face to many in the Grantham area – his suspension in 2005 after raising concerns over a shortage of beds at Grantham Hospital was high profile and led to a campaign by the public and colleagues to get him reinstated.

Paul Lewis speaks at the A&E protest rally at the end of October.

Paul Lewis speaks at the A&E protest rally at the end of October.

Paul, who had to wait some time for the cheers and applause from the crowd to die down, touched on his experience during his speech, and his feelings towards United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) which he says thinks of Grantham as a ‘blot on the landscape’. He added: “They would far rather invest money into Lincoln Hospital and reduce services at Grantham.”

The rally followed a protest march through Grantham, against the closure forced on Grantham Hospital’s A&E unit by the ULHT. The trust closed the unit between 6.30pm and 9am daily on August 17 because of a shortage of staff at the A&Es in Boston and Lincoln.

It claims the move is only temporary but has given no assurance that Grantham A&E will reopen on November 17.