‘Why did I have to go to Lincoln Hospital?’ asks Grantham man

David Jackson had to be taken to Lincoln hospital after collapsing. 833D
David Jackson had to be taken to Lincoln hospital after collapsing. 833D
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A pensioner who collapsed outside his home says it is a “disgrace” that an ambulance had to take him to Lincoln and not Grantham Hospital.

David Jackson, 74, of Byron Avenue, Grantham, says he cannot understand why he had to go to Lincoln when his own hospital is just a few minutes away by road.

Mr Jackson collapsed last Wednesday at about 11.30am outside his home, soon after getting off a bus and crossing the road with his wife, Joy. Paramedics arrived about 20 minutes later, followed by an ambulance.

Mr Jackson was finally delivered to Lincoln two hours after his collapse. His daughter, Helen, went to Grantham Hospital when she heard, thinking he would be taken there.

Mr Jackson said: “I had walked across the road and went to the gate and the next thing I know I fell over flat on my nose. I was covered in blood. The ride to Lincoln was terrible. It was very rough.

“We have a beautiful hospital in Grantham. I live only a few minutes away. So this is a disgrace. This is a growing town. Houses are being built all over the place and we need our hospital.”

A spokesman for United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust said: “This would have been a decision made at the discretion of the paramedics, particularly if there was a suspected heart attack, stroke, etc, as these would have been treated at Lincoln within the specialist facilities.”