Heartbreak over lost Grantham dad Andrew Capon

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The daughter of a missing Grantham man has spoke of her heartbreak over not seeing her dad since he went missing 19 years ago.

Tessa Capon has issued the appeal as Andrew Capon’s mum Margaret Capon is 75 and would like to know what has happened to him before she dies.

Tessa, 34, told the Journal: “I can’t move on at all. There is obviously no end. Even if there is no good news, it can give you closure. My nan (Margaret Capon) is not good. It would be nice for her to know.”

Andrew Capon, then 37, went out clubbing in Skegness with a group of three Grantham friends in October 1998 – leaving behind his passport and wallet in an Ingoldmells caravan.

The father of one son and two daughters also has 11 grandchildren that he has never met.

His disappearence since Tessa was just 15 has meant that he has missed out on much family life.

This includes his father dying of a heart attack just 11 days after Andrew mysteriously disappeared.

Tessa, who lives in Peterborough, wonders if her father, who is described as around 6ft2 tall, with blonde hair, several tattoos and a missing middle finger on his left hand, feels guilt over his dad dying.

She added: “It doesn’t matter what has happened. If he wants to come back, he should come back. We miss him and we want him home.”

Lincolnshire Police has issued a further appeal for information. They added: “Active inquiries are not still continuing but missing person enquiries are technically never closed unless someone is found. The case of Andrew Capon remains open.”