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Mike Smith from South Kesteven District Council.
Mike Smith from South Kesteven District Council.
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SOUTH Kesteven District Council runs 12 pay and display car parks in the district, providing over 1,700 spaces for customers and visitors to our towns.

In general, considering the number of motorists who use them, we experience very few problems, but, on occasions, there are issues with the pay and display machines caused by either vandalism, misuse or mechanical failure.

We do our best to be pro-active and to alleviate problems by making sure that the payment machines at each car park are checked by trained staff at the start of each day but sometimes they break down between inspections.

This is when we need your help. The sooner we know about an issue the sooner we can do something about it. We would like to ask anyone who experiences a problem with a machine to report it to us immediately so that we can alert other customers to the issue and get the machine repaired as soon as we can. The best way to do this is to contact our car park attendants for Grantham on 07766 518136 or 07712 199087, stating the name of the car park and the machine number which is displayed on the information board. It would also help if you could describe the fault, for example the digital display is blank, coins are jammed in the slot, or the machine has been damaged.

For problems experienced outside of office hours, you can contact our emergency number: 01476 590044.