‘Help us keep Grantham Skatepark open’

Grantham Skate Park. 807D
Grantham Skate Park. 807D
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A desperate plea for help is coming from the committee which maintains Grantham Skatepark, formerly called G-Zone.

The skatepark and its recent closure over health and safety concerns were discussed during a meeting of the Wyndham Park Forum on Wednesday afternoon.

The group heard how it could take up to two years to replace the damaged wooden ramps with hard-wearing concrete, but options to keep it open in the meantime are being explored. However, with only £500 left in the kitty, the skatepark committee said it needs more cash and volunteers who are skilled and would be willing to carry out short-term repairs for free.

Treasurer Jenny Sutherland said the park must stay open for the sake of the children and teenagers who use it. She added: “We’re going to have 50 kids on the streets for two years because we don’t have anywhere to put them.”

As reported in the Journal, there has been conflict at the skatepark between younger children riding scooters and older ones on BMX bikes, as scooters are accused of damaging the Skatelite ramp surfaces.

Parents of scooter-riding youngsters attended the forum meeting to voice their concerns. Mother Tanya Arakliti told the forum of the bullying endured by her 12-year-old son, who has been threatened with violence and told he was going to the killed.

She said: “These larger kids bullying the younger ones has got to stop. We want a safe environment for everybody’s children. And it’s members of the G-Zone committee threatening to kill the children.

“These kids are going through this every day. They are being terrorised.”

Parents agreed to join the committee and help to raise funds to get the gates opened once again.

South Kesteven District Council owns the skatepark but the committee is responsible for it. Members are calling for help from the community and any businesses willing to consider sponsorship or make a donation. E-mail: wyndham parkforum@btinternet.com