‘Hero’ dad uses pick-up truck to rescue drivers on the A52

Stewart Maher
Stewart Maher
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A selfless motorist came to the aid of stranded drivers late at night on the A52 after snow made conditions treacherous.

Stewart Maher went out in his four-wheel driver pick-up truck and towed at least 10 vehicles out of the snow after they became stuck on the hill near his Haceby home.

Mr Maher, 47, had just returned home with his family from visiting relatives and had seen a number of vehicles struggling in the snow.

Once he had reached home, he said he could see the vehicles struggling on the hill from his bedroom window.

Mr Maher, who runs a construction company in Lincoln, said: “It was atrocious. It was very windy and there was six inches of snow. Near Haceby there is a hill and a lot of people could not get up.”

At about 11pm, Mr Maher went out in the truck and began using his tow rope to pull vehicles up the hill.

The first person he helped was a mother and her baby. She had travelled from Norfolk and was on her way to Newark. Mr Maher added: “I was quite surprised how many people were out on the road at that time. They would have still been there in the morning if I had not helped.”

Among the vehicles were a couple of large lorries. Mr Maher described it as “carnage”. He said: “There were a couple of juggernauts. There were eight or nine cars I pulled up the hill.”

Mr Maher’s daughter, Brittany Maher-Kirk, said: “After driving home from my grandparents and getting home at 11pm, my dad headed out to help people who were stuck on the A52. He went out with his trusty truck, a tow rope and a thermos flask of tea. He helped 10 cars and groups of people by pulling them up the hill and getting them on their way again, including ioners. He went out at 11pm and didn’t come home until 1am when he’d helped as many as he could. I’m really proud of what he did, I think he’s a bit of a hero as he could have just gone to bed when he got indoors.”