Hollywood hotting up to Grantham restaurant’s Widower curry

Bindi Restaurant on London Road.
Bindi Restaurant on London Road.
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An independent filmmaker from LA has contacted a Grantham restaurant about appearing in a documentary on the world’s spices.

The owner of the Bindi restaurant on London Road, Muhammed Karim, is in talks with filmmaker Eric Raine who plans to produce a documentary which looks at the history, cultivation and consumption of spices across four continents.

The film’s working title is ‘Chili: The Spice of Life’, and will include world records for spiciness like the one earned by Bindi’s Widower curry which contains 20 infinity naga chillis.

“It feels fantastic that people acknowledge that the Widower curry is still recognised as one of the world’s hottest curries,” said Mr Karim.

“With people travelling from around the country and the world to try our Widower curry it really does put Grantham on the map!”