Hospital must tell us the truth about ‘downgrade’

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In the past the Journal has alerted us to a move by Grantham Hospital to remove Paul Lewis, the popular leader of the A & E team.

If my memory serves me rightly, this too concerned an action which placed human need above rules and regulations.

Paul returned to work and, fortunately for me, was on duty on an occasion when I found myself in Grantham A&E.

I have nothing but praise for the department, for Paul Lewis and for those working with him.

In the end I had to be referred to another hospital for specialist care, but I have never ceased to admire the professional skill combined with human kindness and concern which I met that day.

I know nothing of the paperwork which accompanies each case arriving in A&E, but I would guess that most others, like me, have no doubt where the priorities should lie.

Paul Lewis is a nurse whose priorities are right, and who deserves commendation and praise rather than humiliation.

It is clear from your report (March 23rd 2012) that the A&E team value him and want him back where he belongs.

They deserve to know the truth, and so do we.


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