Hundreds of protesters and police expected at demos in Grantham

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Up to 400 protesters are expected to arrive in Grantham on Saturday - policed by 245 officers.

According to Lincolnshire Police Chief Inspector Pat Coates, the EDL has confirmed 250-300 members will attend a march and demonstration, although he believes the number is more likely to be around 150.

In addition, there will be over 100 members of the Grantham Solidarity Network just metres away from the EDL’s static protest in St Peters’ Hill.

EDL members will begin their march at the Blue Bull in Westgate at 1.30pm and travel along Wharf Road on to St Peter’s Hill, protesting against a plan to build an Islamic community centre.

Meanwhile, the Grantham Solidarity Network will gather in Avenue Road at 1pm, where they will hold a peaceful protest.

** See tomorrow’s Journal for the full story.