Hunting is a cruel ‘sport’ which should be banned

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I SEE you continue to be the mouthpiece of the hunting fraternity and your statement that hundreds came to support the hunt proves it.

What about the thousands that did not come to support the hunt, or do they not have a voice in your paper?

Those involved in illegal hunting are criminals and belong on the court pages. Belonging to the upper classes or royalty, does not excuse criminality.

Your sickening pictures of smiling children on horseback is further proof of your paper’s unwavering support of blood sports.

The ironic thing is the front page of the Journal, December 30, tells of the savage attack of one dog on another.

That is horrific, but it is acceptable for a group of toffs and their hounds to tear foxes, cats and dogs to bits for a so-called sport.

Where does cruelty end and sport begin?


Manor Drive, Great Gonerby