Hunts are causing unnecessary pain

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Recently, our normally very placid cat became acutely distressed, madly dashing from room to room and then out straight of the cat flap.

Rushing after him to see what was the matter; I discovered that a hunt was passing at the back of our neighbour’s property and that our cat had bolted straight into its path.

Having already had one of our cats killed in August through a dog attack, I was extremely worried and spent the next few hours desperately searching for him.

Although thankfully he did eventually return home unharmed, I do think that those of us who want nothing to do with hunting should be spared having any contact with it.

At the very least, surely the dates should be widely published and villagers informed if it has to pass their properties so they have a chance to protect their pets. I am sure there must be many cat and dog owners who would be equally worried for the safety of their animals and would want to keep them indoors on these days.

Alternatively, perhaps those who do participate in such events could consider devoting their energies and money into more worthwhile causes. With so much need and suffering in the world, we do not want anything that adds to it.


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