I blame Labour for our museum’s struggles

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I would like to reply to David Taylor regarding the ‘Museum Pledge’.

I would like to remind him, with respect, that it was due to the last Government’s lack of financial finesse that this present Government had to make ‘swingeing cuts’ not only to Museums but to defence and the NHS, also.

I am only too pleased that a private group of citizens have seen to it that the Museum stays open.

Whilst I wholly sympathise with Cllr Charmaine Morgan’s intentions, they seem ill-placed. The poor old Shirley Croft is well past its sell by date, and if anyone is to blame it is a series of owners who allowed it to fall into disrepair.

At the last meeting of the Development Control Committee, not one member of the public, apart from Cllr Morgan, stood up in support of saving the Shirley Croft.

Again, a great shame that another historical building goes, but we must be realistic.

Cllr Mike Cook

Dudley Road