‘I hope buyer of cinema slides will cherish them’

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A SPECIAL lot will go under the hammer at Golding Young next week, casting minds back to the old Granada cinema which once stood in Grantham town centre.

A series of fascinating picture slides - each hand-painted - which were projected onto the screen are estimated to fetch between £50 and £100 next week.

One of the slides features a “newsflash” which would have appeared on the cinema screen informing people that the astronauts aboard the cursed Apollo 13 mission had returned to Earth successfully. The slide read: “Splashdown successful. Astronauts safe.”

Saleroom manager Andrew Doubleday said: “Many Grantham people will have fond memories of watching films on the big screen at the Granada Cinema and seeing pop stars perform at the venue as well.

“These fascinating slides were used to project messages onto the big screen about up-coming screenings, programmes showing for the kids club and even flashes of important news.

“We expect the slides to attract a lot of interest from local museums, historians and collectors of Grantham memorabilia.”

Other slides include a message asking cinema goers to remove their hats so people behind could see the screen and information about Christmas Day closing.

There is also a slide about the Saturday morning kids’ club - the Granadiers.

The club song was also projected on the screen via slides for the children to sing along to. It went: “We’re all for one and one for all, the Grantham Granadiers/ We play the game at work or fun, the Grantham Granadiers/ And if the clouds are overhead, we find a silver lining/ You’ll know us when we shout ‘I serve!’, the Grantham Granadiers.”

The vendor, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “My husband bought the slides over 30 years ago and we recently found them when we were clearing the loft.

“I know lots of people in Grantham will remember the cinema and I hope the person who buys the slides will cherish them.”

l The sale will be held on March 7 and 8 at Golding Young. Log on to www.goldingyoung.com or call the Grantham saleroom on 01476 565118.