I’ll vote for someone who can deliver

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MR Ayto’s extraordinary comments in the Journal, December 9 where he says ‘the Conservatives could place a blue rosette on a sheep, stand it as a candidate, and it would be voted in’ hardly endears him to the voters of Grantham and Stamford.

I bow to his knowledge of sheep, a cud-chewing mammal, with a thick, woolly coat, kept for its wool or meat. I cannot recollect any sheep being elected or put up for a position in government.

Who shall we vote? Mr Boles or Baa Baa Black/White Sheep?

Personally, I shall vote for a candidate who engages with the locals, addresses our worries and delivers positive action in the community, not promises mostly which are “pie in the sky”. Merry Christmas to everyone.


Chapel Row, Skillington