I’m pleased I disrupted the council’s little party

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Tim Harrison and I would like to thank all of the supporters who attended the Market Place on Saturday.

Your conduct was impeccable, unlike that of the Civic Party whose conduct for their positions was akin to the actions of a rabble.

To Sgt Gilmour and his colleague, I thank you for your professional conduct, even under the extreme provocation of a member of the Police Authority demanding that I be arrested and removed from the area because he demanded it.

To those people who supported my right to peaceful protest and preventing the people who felt it their right to assault me, I thank you. The fact that these persons are connected to the council is further proof of a council in crisis.

It is obvious from the conduct of the members of the Civic Party that any view that contradicts theirs is tantamount to treason.

To have disrupted the party between SKDC and Highways was worthwhile.

At the end of the proceedings, the Civic Party could not leave the area quick enough.

Most of the Civic Party don’t live in Grantham. I expect this is their annual visit completed so they can say they have conversed with the people of the town.

To the people of Grantham, I say: don’t give up! If you have a complaint or issue do not give up, that is what councils rely on.

Iain Angus

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