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I'm thankful to every person who has given their time voluntarily to help others

Column by the leader of Lincolnshire County Council, Councillor Martin Hill

Welcome to my first column following the county council elections earlier this month.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the election and we all look forward to working on your behalf for the next four years.

Leader of Lincolnshire County Council Councillor Martin Hill. (47424994)
Leader of Lincolnshire County Council Councillor Martin Hill. (47424994)

I’m extremely proud that our track record in delivering what communities here want and need, has been recognised in the recent elections.

We will continue providing sensible and pro-active leadership of the council and ensure that we put our efforts into the services that local people really care about.

During our first full council meeting recently, it was good to see new and returning councillors.

All of them have one thing in common regardless of political persuasion – their commitment to our county and doing their best for the residents they represent, and I thank them for this.

At the meeting, we discussed our aspirations for our county over the next four years including reinforcing what has been agreed in the council’s corporate plan.

Our services cover areas as diverse as roads and broadband, schools and safeguarding, flood risk and fire and rescue, social care and public health.

But I was also keen to highlight that our role goes further than this. We must continue to strengthen our excellent partnership work across the whole of Greater Lincolnshire, and champion what we have to offer on the national stage. Not only will this make sure we all use public money in the most effective way, but will mean we’re best-placed to secure more investment for Lincolnshire, too.

One thing that continues to amaze me about our communities is that so many people offer their time voluntarily to help others. As part of National Volunteers Week, I always write to those who volunteer at the county council to thank them.

Council services have had to adapt and change in the last year so that we can either continue them, or reopen in a covid-secure way.

Our volunteers have shown flexibility and have always been willing to help us in doing that.

However this year, I am extending this to everyone who has contributed their time for good causes in Lincolnshire.

Reflecting on the last year, the community spirit of residents in the toughest of times has been so heartening.

So I’m thankful to every one of you who has done some form of volunteering in our county, and please know we will continue to deliver on our promises alongside your efforts, in delivering a better, brighter future for Lincolnshire.

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