I think by-pass will be a bad thing for Grantham

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We shouldn’t get too excited about this so-called “pledge” by Lincolnshire County Council to pay for a Grantham bypass.

There’s one paragraph in the report that’s especially jaw-droppingly unbelievable. It reads: “The council’s £30 million investment will be used to build the bypass but as houses are built and sold developers will be expected to return that money.”

Are we supposed to believe this is going to happen? Will property developers make so much money from building and selling 4,000 unwanted houses that they’ll have a spare £30m to return to Lincolnshire County Council?

Will property developers build 4,000 unwanted homes out of the pure goodness of their hearts, and hand over all the profit to LCC?

I happen to know a property developer; I can’t see him buying either of those possibilities.

If this outrageous proposition was to go ahead, I know exactly what would happen.

The bypass, if and when it comes, will be paid for by the taxpayer. There’s absolutely no doubt about that; and there’s nothing wrong with it either – after all, it’s taxpayers who’ll benefit from it.

But in today’s City of London-run economy, the only question we have to ask is whether we’re also going to allow beautiful and ever-dwindling green fields to be turned into 4,000 unwanted houses, as well as paying for a bypass with our taxes? I rather think we shouldn’t allow it to happen.

John Andrews

Marratts Lane, Great Gonerby