I think you’ll find most people are happy to pay

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I cannot believe the fuss some people are making over the proposed introduction of a £25 annual charge for emptying a green bin.

As usual it is the moaners who make their voices heard first when any change is proposed. In this case the rest of us appreciate that these are hard times and if we all do out bit then we can help this country pull out of the current recession.

We all know that South Kesteven District Council is having to make savings in order to comply with Government spending cuts, and that some services will be effected.

Emptying green bins is a desirable service but hardly essential. It strikes me that those who wish to take advantage of this wonderful service should make a small contribution to its upkeep.

After all, with the present arrangement, all those people who don’t have green bins are subsidising those that do make hay while the sun shines.

I certainly wouldn’t want to go to the the old days when I had to trail off to the refuse disposal site on a regular basis to take bags of garden waste – because there was no alternative.

To revert back to that arrangement would certainly cost a lot more to the tax payers of the South Kesteven district – both in time and money.

At less than a mere 50p a week, the proposed new charge represents extremely good value, a view which I think you will find is shared by most residents of South Keteven.

John Knowles

Belton Lane