I used to pay more than £25 a year for bin bags

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As a pensioner I have to be careful with my money. I am a keen gardener and was delighted to pay the £10 for a green bin. I had previously been buying green plastic garden bags from the council at 55p a bag.

The green bin saved us a lot of money as, I had been spending more than £25 pounds per year for the green bags.

There are a lot of residents who don’t have the joy of sitting in their own garden, and I see no reason why they should be expected to subsidise those of us who do by having garden refuse collection included in their council tax payments.

It would be lovely to get every thing for free - repair to roads, police and social care, but we all have to make some sort of contribution.

So no, I will not be happy to pay £25 a year, but as I want my garden refuse collected I will part with my £25 pounds reluctantly.

Maggie Pritchard

Ely Way, Grantham