I want our MP to stand up for our great NHS

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I refer to our MP Nick Boles’ latest column which he devoted to the issue of Afghanistan.

Most of his comments are uncontentious, although I am not sure of the wisdom of letting your enemy (the Taliban) know in advance what your strategy and timetable is.

What I do take issue with is the fact that once again he avoids one of the biggest issues of the day: namely his government`s NHS reforms or more aptly NHS privatisation.

I suspect it is because he knows that the Conservative party had been planning these changes for years, and yet deliberately concealed their intentions at the last election.

Considering we were not consulted and Mr Boles’ party did not get a majority at the last election, what right does he have to keep supporting these changes in Parliament?

He also knows that public opinion is strongly opposed to his Government’s plans, as are the overwhelming majority of health professionals, doctors, nurses and others.

In Devon, core childrens`s health services may be about to be privatised in a move that will be a foretaste of the break-up of the NHS. One of the bidders is Richard Branson`s Virgin Care, to provide front-line services for treatment for mentally ill chidren and adolescents, therapy and respite care for those with disabilities, health visiting and palliative nursing for dying children.

Richard Branson is an astute businessman and he has no doubt expanded into health services because he knows there will be huge profit potential if the NHS changes are approved.

So please Mr Boles, do not insult our intelligence by trying to pretend that the Government’s NHS reforms - that you have supported from day one - are anything other than privatisation.

Ask your boss David Cameron, PM to drop the NHS bill.

Paul Jones

Bell Close, Grantham.