I will detect dirty dog owner and report you

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I HAVE been a resident on Sunningdale main road for 18 months.

During this time I have picked up litter from the paths and shrubs.

Also, I have had to retrieve black bags of dog waste thrown into the shrubbery and dispose of them in my own bin.

I have done this willingly to keep this area nice, but the final straw was coming home from holiday and having to buy Jeyes fluid and bleach and vigourously brushing the pavements down, as the middle of the pavement had been fouled on.

The same evening the path was fouled on yet again - presumably by the same animal owned by an irresponsible so-and-so.

The majority of dog owners are very considerate and take home their black bags. At least one owner is inconsiderate and I will be keeping a close eye on what goes on from now on.


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