I wish Mayor well on his return to Earth

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I see in this week’s Journal the Mayor has had a bit of a tantrum because basically he can’t accept that people don’t agree with him or like the changes that the council has put through.

He also suggests that Grantham’s failure to prosper is partly down to people voicing negative opinions about the changes.

He’d have been better off saying ‘you’re only allowed an opinion if it agrees with the council’s agenda, otherwise it makes the council look bad and as though the town’s lost confidence’.

I agree that the market place and Narrow Westgate do look better, in that it gives a cleaner and more uniformed appearance, but I think the Mayor has let slip one of the main reasons for the revamp - to get rid of the majority of free car parking spaces in Grantham, so more of us have to pay. We don’t want people thinking this is Bourne after all.

Why is there so much redundant space now in the market place, it looks completely bare?

The market place could still have retained a lot of the parking whilst making it look pretty, surely? At least it would give the appearance that the market place is busy and bustling rather than looking like a ghost town.

Are we really calling that monstrosity a public art display? It is mesmerizing I give it that, but only because its weirdness is so baffling, it’s hard to appreciate who actually thought it was a good idea.

The Mayor has tried to justify its existence by saying that the funding for it could only be spent on artwork, in a ‘use it or lose it’ kind of way.

Fair point, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that it looks awful. Were there any other options, like do nothing at all, for example?

I think the nothing option would have looked better in all honesty, although at least it does divert the eye from all the takeaways, bars and clubs that have influxed the heart of the town.

People aren’t bad-mouthing Grantham: most people who write in do so because they are passionate about the town and want to see it a success.

Unfortunately, people are left constantly frustrated and bewildered by the poor decisions made by the council.

The Mayor may well be fed up of hearing people ‘bad-mouth’ Grantham, but I’m fed up with the council’s shoddy leadership and inability to spend the town’s money wisely on worthwhile improvements and investments.

I wish the Mayor well on his trip back to planet earth.


Lytham Close