‘I would rather have gone back to prison’ says Grantham man

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A man who called a shop worker a “little spastic” told magistrates he “would rather have gone to prison” after they adjourned his case.

Carl Jackson, 29, of Harrowby Lane in Grantham, committed two offences in the Spar shop in Bridge End Road, Grantham, on November 4, despite already being barred from the shop by staff.

Jackson first concealed a can of Tennent’s Super Lager in his jeans, then when told to leave by a member of staff he became abusive and threatening.

Edward Johnson, prosecuting, said: “When asked to leave the store he said “you are going to get it you little spastic. I know you are on your bike”.

“He was troubled by that because he does cycle to work. He was again called a spastic before Mr Jackson did leave the store.

“He said he felt alarmed because of what was said. It was said in an aggressive tone and he was worried the threat might be carried out.”

Rory Macmillan, defending, told the court Jackson has only been out of prison for three-and-a-half weeks having been sentenced to a six-month prison sentence earlier this year.

Mr Macmillan said: “The incident took place two weeks after his release. He had had an amount to drink before he went into the Spar shop and he accepts being unpleasant to the shop assistant in the way you have heard.”

Chair of magistrates George Hoyles expressed surprise at Jackson’s history of offending.

He said: “Ten pages for one so young. Your life is at a crossroads and you need to get to doing what you are told.

“Today’s performance was not so great either. The only thing in your favour is that you have pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.”

Jackson admitted the shop theft and a public order offence. However, his case was adjourned while reports are prepared.

Mr Hoyles said: “You have to pull yourself together, do you understand?”

Jackson replied: “I would rather have gone to prison.”

As he left court he accused a member of staff from the Probation Service of being “a liar”. Mr Hoyles called Jackson back and the defendant said sorry.