Ingoldsby’s church to receive £133,000 from Heritage Lottery

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Ingoldsby’s parish church has won a grant of £12,300, with a further £120,500 promised.

Heritage Lottery has awarded funds to St Bartholomew’s parish church to replace the south aisle roof, repair tower masonry and promote community activity focussed on the church and its heritage.

The first installment will go towards starting building work, with the larger sum payable on receipt of a detailed delivery plan next year. The parish will also contribute to the project costs.

Church rector the Rev Mike Doyle said: “This is wonderful news for Ingoldsby! The church roof has been leaking for some time and the tower masonry is showing its age. We certainly need a lavatory in the church, too.

“The community development activities will strengthen the whole village as well as the group of parishes in North Beltisloe.”

The project will see the launch of a church website, the production of a new guidebook, parish events organised and a programme of talks set up. Project leaders said they hope local people will volunteer to help bring Ingoldsby’s history to life.

St Bartholomew’s is a Grade I listed church. A church was recorded in Ingoldsby in the Doomsday Book, although the present building dates from the 11th to 15th centuries.

Although simple in construction it has many early features, including the remains of a ‘Coronation of the Virgin’ window. Like many parish churches, St Bartholomew’s was restored in Victorian times, but retains its medieval character. The project will make much-needed repairs and install a lavatory to make the building suitable for community use.

In times past the church was at the heart of every village, but social change and modern working patterns mean that nowadays many of us rarely enter a church. This project is designed to restore the church to the heart of Ingoldsby’s community life, not only as a place of worship but as a living centre of which everyone can feel proud. This year many people have looked back to commemorate the fallen of two world wars, re-forging links with the past.

This project will take the process a stage further, finding out about the characters who have shaped this ancient village down the centuries.