INQUEST: Coroner warns of the ‘danger of legal highs’ following death of 21-year-old in Grantham

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A coroner has issued a warning on the dangers of using recreational drugs and so-called “legal highs” following the death of a 21-year-old man in Grantham.

Lithuanian national Marius Jakaitis, of Cambridge Street in Grantham, died as a result of non-dependant abuse of drugs, an inquest heard.

The post-mortem investigation found Mr Jakaitis had taken mephedrone - sometimes referred to as MCAT - shortly before his death, as well as a drug called 5-API which is not controlled in Europe or in the United Kingdom.

Mr Jakaitis was taken by ambulance from his home to Grantham Hospital on April 29 of last year where he died. He was accompanied by several other males who hospital staff also suspected of having taken drugs.

Police officers arrested and interviewed several men following the death of Mr Jakaitis but were unable to discover who supplied the drugs so no charges have ever been brought.

Coroner Stuart Fisher said: “The police have no way of ascertaining who supplied the drugs that caused the death.”

The toxicology report which formed part of the post-mortem investigation found the drugs “had been taken to such a level of toxicity that they caused his death”.

Summing up, Mr Fisher said: “Mr Jakaitis died as a result of non-dependant abuse of drugs.

“I would also like to state that this case highlights the grave dangers of taking recreational drugs and, in particular, those described as ‘legal highs’.”

Mr Jakaitis had no family in the United Kingdom. His only living blood relative is his sister who lives in Lithuania.