Inspirational Chris turned a hobby into a career when he lost his job

Studio Pic : Chris Gillbard.
Studio Pic : Chris Gillbard.
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HAVING lost his job and with no way of putting food on the table to feed his family, Chris Gillbard decided to take matters into his hands.

He turned a hobby into a new business venture, and hopes his story will be an inspiration to others as unemployment levels rise.

Chris, of Brook Street in Grantham, said: “I was laid off from an employment agency and with Christmas coming up and bills still to pay I thought to myself ‘right, I’m going to start my own photography company’.

“I had an idea of doing a calendar of Grantham, but not using pictures of St Wulfram’s Church and the Blue Pig and the typical touristy areas. I wanted to create a different look on Grantham from my own perspective.”

And so Chris, 35, compiled a selection of photos for his calendar, which include the BP filling station, Morrisons car park and the cemetery.

Self-trained photographer Chris has owned a camera since the age of seven, when he unwrapped it as a birthday gift.

He uses both digital and film methods, and concentrates mostly on street photography.

Chris is proud to be standing on his own two feet. He said: “I spent so much time filling out application forms and going to job interviews while the person behind the desk was making money. I thought ‘I want some of that’. So I’m going to build a business myself.”

To buy a calendar, at £6.50, visit