Interview: Abi Moore to thank fans with album launch

Abi Moore is launching her third album.
Abi Moore is launching her third album.
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Grantham singer/songwriter Abi Moore will give her local fans something to cheer when she plays the Guildhall Arts Centre on Saturday, October 12.

Abi, who has lived in Grantham for four years, is launching her third album ‘Amoeba & Stone’ at the gig as a thank you to her fans in the town and Lincolnshire.

This will be one of only two concerts this year before she goes out on a full tour next year.

Abi also teaches singing in schools and works with choirs including the Stonebridge Singers, based at Grantham College. Abi’s website is at

Q) Why did you choose Grantham to play your first concert after recording the album?

A) I decided to launch the album in Grantham and this will be a fan-only release as a thank you to my Lincolnshire fans. They will hear it first in full. The 
album will be launched internationally next year and there will be a tour in February. Fans will be able to to buy the album at the Grantham show or they can order it on my website.

Q) How would you describe your music?

A) It’s pop rock with an Americana twist. It’s actually a very different sound to my previous work and it’s a bit edgier. I have not lost my roots but the album production is so much more slick. I have worked with a producer this time and the album sounds fantastic. I am very proud of it.

Q) Who will be on stage with you when you play the Guildhall?

A) I have a backing band. There are four musicians in it and there will also be three backing vocalists. The band is based in Suffolk where we recorded the album. I am really looking forward to showing people what we have been doing and I am very excited about the show.

Q) Why did you call your new album ‘Amoeba & Stone’?

A) Amoeba and Stone seemed a perfect title for the whole album as I have so many contrasts in my life in between the solid, secure things and the floaty, changeable things. The album cover features a view over the ocean with rocks on the coastline. In the song Amoeba and Stone, there are lots of land and shore references that represent the “normal” path I could’ve taken in life, and the sea and ocean references are the creative path I did take, just to find it was cripplingly isolating and 
mostly unreachable. I also mention the feeling of 
treading water, stuck in the middle of both.

Q) Do you have any long-term ambitions?

A) This is my long-term career. It’s something I am obsessed with and my plan is to get my music played and heard as far and wide as possible. I am not looking for fame and fortune. I am more interested in my art getting better and I hope I am still doing this when I am 65... no, when I’m 85!

Tickets for the Guildhall show on October 12 are available from the box office (Tel: 01476 406158) or visit the website at Tickets cost £10 (£8).

Abi is also playing the Knight’s Theatre, Lincoln, on October 25 (Tel: 01522 873894, www.lin

Pre-order the new album from her website at where you will also find out more information about her and be able to listen to her music and read her news blog.