Irate teenager ‘went berserk’ in Grantham

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A teenager “went berserk” before being pepper-sprayed and restrained by numerous police officers and street wardens.

Darius Ballam of Pretoria Road in Gonerby Hill Foot, Grantham, was on a night out in the town centre when he was spotted acting aggressively in the Market Place.

He was told to leave the area by a police officer and warned not to return again that night.

However, the 18-year-old refused to co-operate, pulled away from the officer and continued to use abusive language.

Despite being given a final warning, Ballam would not calm down.

Kate Hartley, prosecuting, said: “He was told he was going to be arrested for being drunk and disorderly but he seemed to turn berserk.”

Ballam again pulled away from the officer, causing her to drop her handcuffs.

The officer, with help from street wardens, managed to get one handcuff on the teen but was still struggling to restrain him when she decided to use CS gas.

Mrs Hartley said: “This seemed to have little or no effect on Ballam who was irate and screaming.”

Ballam continued to struggle as he was being put into the police van but had calmed noticeably by the time he arrived at Grantham police station.

Mrs Hartley said: “He apologised for his conduct and said ‘I’m sorry about that but I didn’t understand why I was being arrested.’ ”

Ballam was fined £105 and must pay £85 costs.