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Is every man in Grantham a Peaky Blinder?

American student Josh Gelman talks the barber shop boom and Granthamians' hairstyles of choice in 'An American Perspective', the first in a series of columns from students at Harlaxton Manor.

"How fast does Grantham’s hair grow?

Maybe it has to do with the murky and humid environment of Grantham. Maybe it’s the growth from the genetics of Grantham residents.

Josh Gelman (17576379)
Josh Gelman (17576379)

However, in all seriousness, I have no clue what causes such hair growth.

In general, human hair grows at around 1.25 cm per month, but with what I speculate, Grantham hair could grow at the speed of grass.

Hair growth is very dependent on someone’s diet, genetics, and other environmental factors.

I think Grantham might be home to the secret of perfect hair growth—and I’m destined to go bald so this has my full attention.

With all the paranoiac questions and theories, it derives from my amazement of how many haircut service shops there are!

Don’t take me the wrong way, I adore a great haircut. Nothing in this world is truly like it; the small talk with the barber, the euphoric buzz on the back of your neck, and the final product as the apron is whisked away with a haircut surpassing your expectations.

When I noticed the first barber shop in Grantham I was overjoyed because I knew I had a place to go to receive a local Grantham haircut.

Then the second, third, and fourth, until I was overwhelmed with finding a barbershop on what seemed to be every street in the centre of Grantham.

I was curious to why there were so many haircut service shops in Grantham. Then I became even more confused when I drove into Grantham to experience the nightlife.

Surprisingly, as I went to experience the nightlife—most of the people I observed had the same haircut! The haircut for men in particular seemed to be somewhat like the haircut I have seen in the BBC show ‘Peaky Blinders’.

I love the haircut styles from the show but when everyone has the same one it kind of makes you wonder if there is either a love for that specific haircut or that everyone is secretly a ‘Peaky Blinder’.

I wouldn’t expect that to be the case, however you never know.

Grantham has given me a place to call home for four months as I study at Harlaxton Manor—but there might be one thing which I will never understand; Grantham hair phenomenons."

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