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ATKINSON, DON: Happy Valentine’s Day. Love, Shell xx.

ATTER, TIM: Happy Valentine’s Day with love always, Tasha xx.

BLUE EYED TIGERESS: Love is caring, sharing all life’s problems together. Luv you babe, Cheeky Chops xx.

BURGER QUEEN: Be my Valentine now and forever, Love you, J – your Burger King xx.

COOK, DAVE: Happy Valentines lovely. Love you so much, now and always, Shell xx.

COOK, MICHELLE: Another year together, another year my heart and love grows stronger. Love you, David.

COWDELL, STEVE: Happy Valentine’s Day. I will love you today, tomorrow and always, Sue, Sweepie, Smokie.

DARBY, KELLY: Thanks for everything. Love you loads and always, forever. xx.

DAVIES, CHARLOTTE: Love you so much. Thanks for all you’ve done. Love, Paul.

DEAR FRED: Thank you for your untiring care and attention. Love, Pamela.

DEIGHTON, ANN-MARIE: Although you already know this, I just want to say I Love You, Steve xx.

DEIGHTON, STEVE: You are my whole world! Love you more. xx.

DELLAWAY, BEN: Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you for everything. Love you millions. Love, Vicky xx.

DOBSON, KERRY: I love you more, the more we are together. Love always, Si xx.

DOBSON, SIMON: Thank you for everything. Love you so much. Love, Kerry xx.

DOUGHTY, CIS: My love, my life, my rock. Forever yours, Bridget x.

DOUGHTY, JO: To wife, my Valentine. Lots of love, cuddles and snuggles. From, Mr Husband xx.

DRAKE, RICHARD: Happy Valentine’s Day babe. Thanks for the past six years. Love you forever. Love – Kerry xx.

ESAM, NICK: Happy Valentine’s Day. Love you with all my heart. Love from, Louise xx.

EVELEIGH, KEV: Happy Valentine’s babe. Thank you for all you do. Love you always, Colly xx.

FOWLER, KELLY: I hope you will be my Valentine for another 37 years, Mac.

GARRETT, LEE: Thank you for being there for me. I love you lots and always will. Love, Lisa xx.

GARTON, LORRAINE: You will always be my Queen of the Desert, Simon xx.

GREEN, DAVE: My best friend, my lover, my husband. Love you more each day, Monica xx.

GRINCH SALLY WINTER: To our second Valentine’s Day together. Love you so much. From Psychobilly.

HARRISON, ANDREW: You’re my life, my world. Love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day. Love, Claire xx.

HAWKINS, LESLEY: Love you with all of my heart, Jay.

HORNY: Happpy Valentine’s Day. Are you still my Valentine? Xx

JOHNSTON, COLIN: Loving you replaces all my worries with happiness. Love you always, Sue xx.

KISBY, MR CHRIS: You’re amazing. I love you. Thank you for everything xx.

LACCOHEE, PHIL: You’re my world darling. I love you so much. All my love, Sue xx.

LINDSEY, TRACY: Happy Valentine’s Day baby. Love you so much. You are my world. Xx

LUETTGE, GEORGE: We will be together one day. Told you I wouldn’t forget. Happy Valentine’s Day.

MALLARD: I love you. You are my 1 true love. I will always treasure you, Piglet xx.

MARTIN, LOUISE: Happy Valentine’s Day my beautiful princess. Love you so much, Jay xx.

MCDONALD, SHARON: Love you all the world. Have a great day. Love, Terry.

MOORE, JOHN: Happy Valentine’s Day. 50 years on 8.2.1963. Love always and ever, Barbara.

MR S: I love you more than ever. Happy Valentine’s Day. Yours always, Mrs S x.

OSBORN, JOY: Nineteen years of our treasured love. Still my Valentine, forever. Happy fifteenth wedding anniversary.

PAGE, SHANE: Happy first Valentine’s Day as man and wife babe. Lova ya, Kat x.

PLANT, BRY: To my Valentine. Love you lots and lots, Gill xx.

PLANT, GILL: Thank you for being part of my life my beautiful, sexy, wonderful wife, Bry xx.

PRICKLY HEDGEHOG: Live’s looking bright and it’s gonna get better! Love, adore you always, Shy Tortoise xx.

RICHARDSON, WAYNE: You’re simply the best! I love you now, always and forever. Forever yours, Trisha xx.

S.K.G: Love you loads, JG xx.

SHARP, KATHERINE: Happy Valentine’s Day. Love you lots beautiful. From, Connor xx.

SHEREE: Happy Valentine’s Day. You are my favourite ever person in the world. Love always, Paul xx.

SHORT, CARLY: Happy Valentine’s Day my beautiful lady. Love you loads, Rich xx.

SHUTTLEWORTH, MARTIN: Love you more each day. Happy Valentine’s Day. Love, your Little Champion xx.

SMITH, KAREN: Beautiful Princess you are to me, in my heart you’ll always be. Love, Paul xx.

SNOOKIE PIE: With all my love and cuddles for Valentine’s Day and always. Love, Wifey xx.

TILLEY, LISA: To the one I will love 4ever, Lee xx.

TO A DIRTY MONKEY: You mean the world to me. Love you lots. Love, Kax x.

TO MY LITTLE CHAMPION: Happy Valentine’s Day. Lots of love, from |Martin xx.

TO MY SPECIAL SNUGGLE BUNNY: With lots of love from your Poopytoes.

TOWNING, MIKKI: Love loads, Toni, Jamie, Kyle, Harrison, Lia, Kez. Keep smiling. Love always.

TUOHY, SAM: Happy Valentine’s Day. Still love you and always will. All my love forever, Patto xx.

WINTER, STEPHEN: To daddy, happy Valentine’s Day. All my love. From your little star, Freya x.

The following are text messages:

WOODS CAZ happy valentine’s day babe love ya paul.


Peasgood Mark, Happy valentines babe, love you loads xx


ELVIDGE, MARK Happy Valentine’s Day my little poppet love you millions Sarah xxx

Munday,Kirsty. Happy valentines day love you with all my heart from your sexy girlfriend xxx

SWEET CHEEKS. Happy valentines, your sooooo peng ;-) xxxxxxxxx SH x

Drury Jo happy valentines love always ginge xx

Jelly.Baby. Happy valentines day. Always. 44 xxx.

Michael Nothdurft. This is our year babe, despite wot people say bout us. Love u more each day. Ginger xxx

Michael Nothdurft. Love you more and more each day babe, u make me so happy! Love ginger xxx

Whalley Andrew, Sending you lots of hugs and kisses WW happy valentines day love Gems Gems x 831 x

CARP girl. I am still your best catch. Love you. Top rod. XXX

Gladys Chucklebottom. Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart. All my love always and forever. G xxx

Matt, Mia. Happy valentines day sexy, love always from Dazza xxx

Camel lover. I’ll love you forever.. never let go xxxxxxx

Temperton, Dave our 10th Valentines still feels as exciting as our 1st love always K xxxxxxx

Stephenson nick happy valentines day love you loads with all my heart love from debbie


Belinda, Happy Valentine’s Love you loads Toeknee24

CT. Happy 40th to my wonderful hubby on valentines day. Love u lots JT xx have a great time at the weekend Dad, love u from Brae x

Sue Blair Happy Valentine’s Day love you always Darryl xxx

David Gibbs, happy valentines day, love u heaps, more now than ever. Thanks for always being there. Love Pennie xx

jéff ward happy valentines day to the best hubby ever i love you lots jenny xxx

sam turner to the guy i like so much hope you like the box fb request

Hun, love you lots ,Poppet xxxx

Hayes Alan. Happy Valentines Day, Love you more than you’ll ever know. Faith xxxx

Hayes Alan. Blindfolds at the ready lol. All my love Gorse Lane Girl x

S love you to bits always will Grr Grr D.

TUCK GAVIN, Happy Valentine’s day I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow lots of love now and always Abi xxx

Askew, Rich. Happy Valentines Day Bbe, Love You Loads, Marie xxxxxx

Gowen Sarah, happy valentines day to my gorgeous wife . I love u so much xxx

to my baby cakes love u foreva all my love ur gnomeo

DAVID OZBOURNE. I love u with all my heart. Happy valentines day babe. Love u loads. Love ur babycakes xxx

french, nicky.happy valentines xxx

Jonzie You’re my little speed freak.I love you.From HMP

foister, krystal, I love you baby to the moon and back, kirsty x

WOODS, Steve. Happy Valentines hun bun! Our 1st of many as husband and wife. I will love you forever. S xXX

Jackson, Karen. Miss you and our times together. Waiting for you to be mine, xxx

karen newland my dearest jelly baby i will love you always and forever from your everloving sweetheart xx

CLARK james. Love you lots always and forever. Stacey xxxx

Leon Leeson Thanks for giving me more than I ever dreamed of. I love you more with every passing day. Lots of love always Gemma xxxx

Charlotte Marsden roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you! Love your bum toucher x G x

fairweather just a message to say thank you for giving me a baby lots of love from nat and love from baby ps couldnt do this without u all my love nat xxxx

Ashley Osborne, Happy Valentines Day, I love you! Hollie xx

Ad, I love you more than ever before, happy valentines day babe. Em xxx

baz Matthews Bazy you make my heart skip a beat hopefully one day you’ll be my valentine who I can say is all mine x

Sarah K. Happy valentine’s babe love you to the sly and back xxx

simpson gia- just seeing you makes me happy,I wish you were mine xxx

Matty Moo I love you x x x

Daniel De’ath your my world and everything and more love you loads babe your loving wife

angeloni giaa-you are proper gorgeous,my little miss perfect, let me treat you like you deserve beautiful xx from, ur true love

Carter, Polly. This counts as one of your presents. Love Edward X

wright andrew happy valentine’s day with all my love from micki

MAKLOWICZ Mark, The Best Husband in the world I love you more than words can say! Happy Valantines day all my love kate xxx

Clegg Michael - U make me smile every day. I cant believe i have found my soulmate! I love you to Infinity and Beyond! Xxx

Anon Test baker ng31

Jackson, Karen. When will I see you again?, xx

Johnston Gareth. Happy Valentines... Love you to the Moon and back ... forever and always xXxXx

Andre Keidel you’ve made me the happiest women alive this past year. Love you forever and always xxx

Tyers Kelly, happy Valentines day, love you with all my heart now and forever. Mark xxxx

LUKE PORTER you are amazing and i love you soo much.

suzanne smith I love you sooo much baby you are my heart my soul my everything lots of love Stuart xxx

LUKE PORTER you are amazing and i love you soo much. You mean the world to me. Couldnt ask for a better boyfriend . I love you xxxxxx

Fahey Luke to my amazing husband on our first valentines married. You complete me i love u more n more every day yours forever your princess shazzy xxx

BLOODWORTH KAI happy valentines day my darlin, you fixed my heart when it was broken, u make it stronger every moment we are together xx forever and always tigger! I love you xx

Martin Smith - Happy Valentine’s Day, love you lotsly..... Next year I’ll be a Smifff lol

MOWAT KEVIN (Kevbat) Xxx You have made all my dreams come true Xxx All my love Emma (Ginge)

MOWAT KEVIN (Kevbat) Xxx Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Xxx Love The Wife (Ginge)

smith Sam. Your the love of my life, your my world and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Love you beautiful love your angel.xxxxx

ISAAC LIZ Happy Valentine day to a very special wife Love you always AL xxxxx

Musson scott Happy v day bbe love u millionz 4eva n eva bbe

shake my love my life from ur darling wife xx

Plumb Gareth, Happy Valentines Babe, your my world, thanx for just being you, foreva and eva babe, love Jo xxx

Woods Karla, Happy Valentines Day. All Our Love Forever And Always. Andy & Mai Mai xxx

Downs,Sarah. Happy Valentine, love you babe xxx

Mcguffie nikki this is how it all started all those years ago and I love how far we have come together. The best wife in the world all my love Pete xxx


Richard . Still from here to Woburn Abby x


Jenny at Barclays, roses are red, violets blue, i’m kinda shy but I like you! Crunch

Jamie love you to the moon n back. Carnt wait to be your wife. Love always pudding xxxx

sausage love you with all my heart . Together we are strong. Your loving pudding xxxxxx

Hunter,Robert.Happy Valentine Day lots of love Jane xxx

S.H Happy valentines day ! Love Sweet cheeks xx

Silverman, Gary. Happy valentines day, I love you with all my heart I have the most amazing family in the world all thanks to you I could not imagine life without you i love you Haley x

Gray, Lee. Happy valentines baby, you make my life complete, I love u, from vicky Xxx

Evans claire all my love on valentines day be mine forever xxx


Howorth,Vicky,Happy Valentine’s Day My Princess,Love Your One And Only Prince Lee xxx <3 xxx

Edwards ray happy valentines day love from elsie x

suellen happy valintines day not long now untill we have our baby boy love you always adam xxx birchenough, ian. My special hero, love you always, Mrs birchy x

Pask, James Valentine wishes to you my Handsome Husband, my Perfect Partner, my Soulmate. - I Love for eternity, forever your Annette xxxxx

Pike Lynn married you 22 years ago. I love you more every day love Simon xxxx

ilbert Simon Happy Valentines Day, Our Last One Just The Two Of Us xxx

Walsh, Shan I love you with all my heart, always and forever baby girl <3 xxxxx

Marshall ,Sean happy valentines day love you more and more each day love kel xxxx

Boagart...Happy Valentines Day,one smile from you and i go weak at the

Woody Wood.aka..Honeybum.Look at the stars and how they shine for you...always n forever Beetlebug.xxxx

Whatley Natalie If I had to choose whether to breathe or love you, I’d use my last breath to tell you that... I love you, lots of love Steven xxx

Cant Anne, Happy V Day my sexy lil chicken, just want you 2 know your the most amazing person ever n ill do any thing 4 you, I love u 2 the moon & bck babe, have a gud day xxxx

Henton Andi, Tá grá agam duit always and forever Roo xxxx


forbes diane i love you more and more each day lots of love martin xxx

cherry poppens happy valentine’s day, your my world ginger love you so much . Michael xxx

Nix, Kerry. Happy Valentine’s Day, I Love You with all my heart, from your B-ri <3 xxx

Dixon,Katie to the most beautiful pregnant lady in the world Love Simon xxx

ian rayson, happy valentines chicken, love ya forever and always, shmoo xxx

Smith, Kim, above you, below you but always beside you!! love Always S. xxxx

Woodall Tia, The most beautiful daughter a daddy could have. love you 2 the moon & back. xxx

Earith, Angela. Love was just a word until you gave it meaning, happy valentines: Justin xxx

clapton darren to the man in my life happy valentine day love amanda xxx

clapton amanda to the women in my life happy valentines day all my love from your husband darren xxx

clapton amanda to the women in my life happy valentinesday love form darren xxxx

Lisa knight Gawgious tattooed amazing and a cuddle addict! What more can a guy ask for :p

Stacey , nearly a year of marriage!!! , I love you so much always Martin xxx

keeley,jay happy valentine’s day babe love ya always sam xxxx

Jimmy Finney Happy Valentines Day! Lots of love from Sophie xxx

Sawyer Dean. Happy Valentines Babe Can’t Wait For The Weekend. Love u loads xxX Philippa Xxx

keith watson you are everything to me I love you with all my heart now and forever

Sharp, Eli. Happy valentines day love you forever love liam xx

staples lee love you baby can’t wait to be your wife xx jo xx

Johnson jo I love u with all my heart happy valentines day xxxxx love lee

to monkey with love hope u always like my big banana from dirty monkey x x


Clements, Russell roses are red, violets are blue, 2013 the year for Russy & Rue. 5 fabulous years all my love Ruey x

Clements, Russell roses are red, violets are blue, Ellis Jacob has the best daddy in the world and that daddy is YOU! x Ellis x

smith,Sam. My love for you grows stronger each day, I cannot wait to become your wife and spend the rest of my life with u, love u always and forever beautiful.xxxx

Princess Joy, Happy valentines day with all my Love from your Huggie Bear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Price,Kevin happy valentines , love u so much lots of love Wifey xxxxx

Bailey Richard Happy Valentines Day Love Jane xxx

wainwright,jade. Love you so much mrs vorley to be.112 days:) love NEESE xx

Parnell, Amy, happy valentines day love you always xxx David

Bevan,Tasha Happy 1st Valentine’s Day Baby Love From Your Man Always And Forever xxxxxx

Thompson, emma, happy valentines day your my one and only chief lots of love Bruce xxxxxx

Bennett Kate happy valentines day princess xxxx

fuzzy,happy valentine’s day you always..swamp fing xxxx

claire doughty 3 years today happy anniversy love andy xx

mushypea love you loads from sweetpea xxx

Corner Ann Happy Valentines Day would be lost without you love you forever my darling Stevie B xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Joynes Paul Happy Valentine’s day love you millions love Sarah xxx

hides ,ian happy valentines day .love babe xxxx

rob cullington happy valentine’s day mr c I will always love you so thank you for loving me mrs c xxx

flubalub ,love you forever ,forget you never ,love s.k .xxxx

Pearce,Bernie.Happy Valentines Day handsome.Love you loads and loads from your babes xxxxx

Boothby Gary you make me so happy angel you and me love you loads Michelle xxxx

Boothby Gary you make me so happy angel you and me love you loads Michelle xxxx

The Coving Co. Roses are red, violets are blue, I need your coving just like I need you! X

Andy Kelham - wish you were here x

Orme,Claire,Happy Valentine,s Day Gorgeous ! All my love always James xxxx

Hardingham, Paul. I love you with all my heart now and forever. Love Rachel xxxx

Beck David happy valentines day love you loads Amy XXXX

dolby , sarah happy valentines day babe love you loads love from keith dolby xxxxx

Horner,Stephen.Happy Valentines Day, love always Melanie xxx

DOWNS ANDY. happy valentine’s day, with all my love from Sarah XX

Harper, Adam. Happy Valentines day to my lovely hubby. Love you lots babe. Selina xxxxxx

Parkinson; Pete. Love You Loads Always Karen xxx

Horner Melanie love u always Stephen xxx

LOVE Orme, James. Happy valentines day Sexy!! Love you millions, from Claire xxx

Thomas mick stronger than ever love u more each day x amy x

dolby keith have a great day love u with all my heart thanks for our kids love u sarah xxxx

shmoo,happy valentines day, love you with all my heart and yours forever, ian :) xxxxxx

Paddison, Jamie. Happy valentines baby your my world its me and you 4eva love you millions ur princess xxx

Walker Steven Happy Valentine’s Day I love you love Rachel and hugs from Jasmine xxx.

Plumb, joanne. love you loads, me and you 4eva and eva babe. xxx

Plumb, joanne. love you loads mummy. love tristan, cameron xxx


Newcombe, Steve. Happy valentines day babe. Thank you for all you do. Love your babe xxxxx

Clark.Stacey. Love is for always but ours is for eternity.Always yours Jim xxxx

Babydoll juliet love soo so much happy valentines day from your romeo xXx

Lofthouse Nett love you loads always xxxxxxxx Nick

lulu i love you so much more than you’ll ever know all my love wilfie xxx

Gray, Ian Happy Valentines Day to my baby with all my love from you baby simon xx

jo towning.TOWNING MIKKI.thru thik n thin love u happy vals xx

tilley hannah happy valentines day thank you for coming into my life 10 years ago you make me so happy love you sweetheart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bignell Ashley happy valentines day. Can’t wait to be ur wife. All my love Hannah xxxxx

claire doughty happy valentines day u r the best love u lots andy xxxx

claire doughty happy valentines u make me so happy love u lots andy xxx love u x

Hollingworth, Steven. I love you more now than when we first met, and I will love you forever your

Hollingworth, Steven. We love you BIG DADDY love forever Olivia and Rosie. xxx