‘It’s a lovely day... for an opportunist thief’ warn Lincolnshire Police

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As summer approaches, and Lincolnshire is presented with a beautiful day, officers are reminding residents of a few simple precautions to avoid becoming the victim of a crime.

Opportunist burglaries:

* Thieves will take up opportunities presented to them and sadly, a sunny day presents more opportunities than normal.

* Leaving your windows open could let in more than a pleasant breeze. If thieves see an open window they will use it to get into your home.

* If you have had a lovely ride out on your bikes and dump them momentarily in your garden while you go and get a well-deserved drink, a thief will gladly hop on and ride off on it.

* If you are out in your back garden, just take a moment to lock your front door to prevent a sneak in thief from coming into your home while you are unaware, enjoying the sunshine.

Car Crime:

* Feel the wind in your hair! But remember if you wind down all the windows on your car, to wind them back up after your journey.

* If you are using your sat nav to get you to your sunny day destination, make sure you remove it from your car when you get there and rub off the sucker mark if there is one.

* Don’t leave any valuables on show, even a few coins could tempt a thief - take any change with you for slot machines or ice creams.

Out and about:

* Day trips out often mean you are in a public place with cash, mobile phone and all the belongings you might need for a day. It’s a time when you might feel carefree and prone to wondering off from a handbag or rucksack when distracted by something. If you are prone to doing this, think of ways to minimise the hassle of worrying about your possessions by using zip up front pockets for your cash and bank card, and not taking things you don’t need like extra credit cards.

Look out for others too and report anything you think is suspicious on 101 (or 999 in an emergency).

Above all, enjoy your day. Go out and enjoy it and don’t let a criminal spoil it.

Thieves and burglars can resist anything but temptation. Let’s minimise temptation this summer!

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