It’s about time Grantham honoured Mrs Thatcher

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As the film ‘The Iron Lady’ is released, isn’t it about time that Mrs Thatcher’s home town and birthplace finally gave due recognition to the UK’s greatest post-war Prime Minister, who is surely up there as one of our best ever leaders?

The town where Mrs Thatcher grew up has a small plaque to commemorate the small grocer’s shop where she lived in her formative years – and that’s it!

No statue, no roads named after her, nothing else. Sir Isaac Newton gets a statue and a scruffy shopping centre named after him, but Maggie?

Is it because she was a woman? Or maybe because she had the sense, decency and above all courage, to do what needed to be done to halt Britain’s decline?

She had the misfortune to be largely surrounded by weak-willed and/or preening men who eventually succeeded in ousting her, but anyone around during her time will tell you that she had more courage than all of the rest of her cabinet put together.

That there is no fitting tribute - certainly a statue on the Guildhall green would be a start - is to the shame of the small-minded socialists that populate Grantham.

The memory of Mrs Thatcher, and her great contribution to the people and future of the UK, will be remembered long after these pin-heads have been forgotten. It is time that this wrong was put right.

Some say she was divisive. That is somewhat true. She split those that were content to see the UK have a ‘managed decline’ from the rest, and she gave us all a future and a share in the prosperity of the UK.

That is, for those of us who were willing to be contributors to society, rather than takers.

Tom O’Brien

Worcester Road, Grantham