It’s SKDC assuming we’re ‘satisfied’ that grates most

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First of all, I just want to say that I have nothing against South Kesteven District Council at all.

I think they do a good job on most fronts – most of the time.

However, I don’t agree with Dave Banks, head of environmental services at SKDC.

Just because people are ‘satisfied’ as he claimed last week, doesn’t mean they don’t want to see improvements made to services.

You should always strive to attain a higher level of service in whatever area you work in. As we’ve seen from the various comments online and in the Journal, people DO actually want to see weekly bin collections, especially in the run up to summer when hot .

I personally think we should have weekly collections for grey bins (recycling) though, and as one lady on the Facebook page pointed out, we should be recycling more than we put in our black bins.

If you find you’re regularly over filling your bin, maybe revise your recycling strategy and try and limit the amount of food waste you produce.

I’d definitely support weekly collections for those who haven’t been provided with bins, however, as it can be incredibly unhygienic in the summer.

If the money is there to be used then I really don’t see why SKDC should throw out the idea before asking the public for their opinion on it.

They should be trying to build a trusting relationship with the people of Grantham and speak openly about all issues and options available, rather than assuming we don’t want something just because we haven’t spoken out about it.

It’s this sort of thing that makes people feel annoyed and feel that they lack basic communication with the people who are supposed to be organising the services we pay for, such as bin collections.

Hopefully the SKDC will listen to people’s views and hold a proper consultation of the public opinion on this.

by Alison Robson