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It’s time for decency and competence, says Grantham Labour councillor

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As I forecast in these pages just a few months ago, the Conservatives have finally stopped laughing at Boris Johnson’s repeated lies and sleaze and he will be gone at the start of September, writes Lee Steptoe, Labour member of South Kesteven District Council.

After such moral degradation, the Tory circus will move onto the next act, and what ‘entertainment’ it carries on providing. As I write the race to be our next PM is down to four third rate wannabes, from 11 a week ago.

This shower has been in power for 12 years, soon moving on to their fourth PM during that time. Cameron the chancer, May the robot, Boris the corrupt clown; who’s next, Rishi the billionaire? Or heaven’s above, Truss, the pound shop Thatcher? Or Penny Mordaunt, (anybody heard of her?) whose claim to fame seems to come down to having been in the naval reserve. Watching them fight like ferrets in a sack has been glorious and the final two will go to a vote of the Tories’ ultra-right wing membership.

Lee Steptoe (46585897)
Lee Steptoe (46585897)

What has our local Tory MP, Gareth Davies, had to say on the matter? He resigned his junior government position, after several dozen other Tories had already done so, including cabinet ministers. Well done, Gareth, decisive as ever. In last week’s Journal column he said he ‘regretted’ the situation and thanked Johnson for getting Brexit done! Not a word about the political, economic and social crisis the country finds itself in.

Meanwhile ordinary folk continue to suffer. One of my constituents is Peter Credland. Peter is 78, has had four heart attacks, is in remission for cancer and has a muscle wasting disease, which means he is wheelchair bound. His chair tipped up the other week and he banged his head. It took nearly six hours for an ambulance to arrive! Our NHS is on its knees after 12 years of the Tories.

It really is time for a fresh start under a Labour government, with the highly competent and public minded Sir Keir Starmer as PM. Keir used to be the director of public prosecutions and has worked for the public good all his life. To those that claim he’s a bit dull, I say we’ve had enough of the Tory circus. Let’s have some good old fashioned competency and decency under a conventional prime minister.

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