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It's not too late to change your mind

Column by Jaz Abeysekera, marketing manager at Grantham College

The new academic year has started; students and teachers across the UK are slowly getting back into their daily routine.

Lots of students are learning the ropes in their new school or college but some may be thinking “have I made the right decision?”.

Jaz Abeysekera (6000134)
Jaz Abeysekera (6000134)

Choosing the right path is never easy, especially at a young age when a lot of people aren’t one hundred per cent sure what they want to do later in life.

Students are swayed easily by family and friends but may not always have pictured what it might be like in a new environment or in a place that they’re not used to. This can often lead to making a decision that perhaps wasn’t the most suitable option.

At this stage in the academic year, it’s not too late to change your mind and jump ship. Whether you think you’ve chosen the wrong subjects or the wrong course to study, or whether you’re wondering if the school or college you’ve chosen is right for you.

The first few weeks of a new environment will always be a hard transition but the worst thing you can do is hope that it will work out. It’s better to decide what’s best for you and make the change while you still can than to ride it out and regret it later.

At Grantham College, we use the first six weeks to get students on the right course. We see a lot of people change their minds and give them the opportunity to choose the subject or course that suits them better.

In this amount of time, the workload is a quantity that can be caught up on and we find that students who discover the right course for them will do better in the long run.

It’s not just Grantham College students that change their minds in the first few weeks of term; we see a lot of students coming to us from other colleges and schools and welcome their applications up until October half term.

Don’t be afraid that you have made the wrong decision and don’t be afraid to take the leap in changing what you’re not enjoying.

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