JOURNAL LETTERS: Area Action Plan an embarrassment

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I have read with interest the Grantham Area Action Plan and what Mr Pushon’s views were (Journal, November 16). What an embarrassment.

The plan is to build 5,529 new homes. With a road system like we already have in Grantham, surely a schoolchild would have the gumption to know that we cannot take any more vehicles in the town, even with an east-west bypass.

As for the east-west bypass, I think this is one big joke and has been for a very long time. I believe it is the carrot to wave in front of the donkey, for them to try and get the people of Grantham to agree to some of their proposals.

I for one, would very much like to know how the officers in the council offices justify what they are paid?

It was recently announced that the ambulance service is perhaps going to shut, leaving just one ambulance to serve all Grantham, and a hospital that’s only hanging on by its teeth. Surely this should have been a priority before anything else, or are they not interested?

I notice Nick Boles has not commented on his boys’ club, but opens his mouth and puts his foot in it when it suits him.


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