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Grantham Journal reader criticises 'selfish' people breaking coronavirus lockdown rules

A Grantham Journal reader has said that there are 'no excuses' for those who are continuing to drive to the countryside for exercise or dog walking.

Hank Chager, of the Sunningdale estate, wrote to the Journal to express his dismay at the amount of people in the area who are still driving for unessential reasons, while warning that: "The longer people continue to break the rules, the longer this will go on for and the restrictions will become heavier."

In the letter, Hank said: "I live on the Sunningdale Estate and as per the measures the government put on us all last week, I leave my home on foot once a day to go for either a run or walk.

Your letters (31501283)
Your letters (31501283)

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"It's a really nice route through Alma Park woods, Londonthorpe and around Harrowby.

"Unfortunately, every day this last week I have noticed people are still flouting the new rules which are in place to protect us all.

"I have witnessed people driving out to the countryside to exercise or walk their dog.

"Given the low population density, I appreciate the risk of spreading Covid-19 in this situation is very low. But that's not the point. We have been told to only travel if essential.

"The reason for this is to minimise the risk of road traffic accidents and therefore pressure on the emergency services/NHS, who are all under a lot of strain at the moment.

"Driving out to the countryside to exercise or dog walk is not essential and therefore a breach of the new rules.

"Exercise or dog walking can only be done straight from your front door and not involve driving to another location, no matter how short that journey is.

"The new rules are very clear and there are absolutely no excuses.

"I am pleased we are still allowed out to exercise once a day, however, driving out to the countryside is selfish behaviour, purely because people can't follow clear rules or are wrongly interpreting them in their own way.

"We have all lost out as a result of the new rules, but that's not an excuse to bend them or take unnecessary risks. The longer people continue to break the rules, the longer this will go on for and the restrictions will become heavier.

"So my challenge to you all this week is to look up the word 'Essential' in a dictionary and get familiar with it's definition. Then take a good look at what actions you are taking and how you are directly or indirectly putting yourself and others at risk."

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