Journal shouldn’t print nasty Thatcher letters

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I am shocked that you permitted the publication of such scurrilous comments in last week’s Journal about Grantham’s famous daughter, comparing her acts when in power to the acts of mass murderers, and denigrating her name.

It is cowardly to attack the reputation of an aging and failing public figure in this way.

What do these diatribes say to others about the people of Grantham?

It should be remembered that the people of Grantham have consistently voted Conservative for the past 60 years, and that the largely silent majority are, I am quite sure, strongly in favour of some proper recognition of her achievements in this town.

You have failed to print a letter on this subject submitted by me on two recent occasions, making a fair comparison between our public attitude towards Lady Thatcher, and the treatment given to President Reagan by the people of his home town of Dixon, Illinois.

I challenge you to balance this matter by publishing it now.

David Close