“Keep your cars off our estate”, demand Grantham residents

Langford Gardens across from Grantham Hospital. Photo: 0225A
Langford Gardens across from Grantham Hospital. Photo: 0225A
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Residents are calling for action to stop motorists parking on their street instead of paying to stay in Grantham Hospital car park.

People living in Langford Gardens, across Manthorpe Road from the hospital, say there has been a problem for years but it has increased with the introduction of parking fees and worsened with a recent increase in fees.

Darren Mitchell, chairman of Langford Gardens Residents’ Association, said: “We have experienced parking problems on the estate for several years but there was a dramatic increase in the frequency and extent to which they arose following the introduction of parking charges for hospital employees.

“The majority of problems arise on the main entrance to the estate and around each of the corners which lead therefrom into the rest of the estate. Essentially the problems stem from inconsiderate parking by hospital employees and visitors alike.”

“We have approached the hospital to try and alleviate the problems with no success to date, although it has recently made a fresh offer to open a dialogue with residents.

“Individual residents have tried to reason with the culprits (particularly the most prevalent) but they are usually met with verbal abuse along the lines of ‘ I can park where I like…’.

The residents’ association is considering calling for yellow lines to restrict daytime parking.

Mr Mitchell added: “All in all, though, we appear to face red tape and bureaucracy at every turn but as an association we remain undaunted.”

Ward councillor Ray Wootten has spoken to the police and hospital bosses about the situation. He said: “Residents once again highlighted to me the continued frustration of people attending the hospital which is opposite who park and cause obstruction.”

In reply to Coun Wootten, Insp Gary Stewart, of Lincolnshire Police, said: “I do need to point out that the only real way to combat this problem is for the road to have double yellow lines on or the hospital to reduce its parking fees. Can I just add that any enforcement for obstruction we have to be able to show that progress was stopped and not just hindered. There is a difference in what the public actually consider obstruction and what we can prove I am afraid.”

Chairman of United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust Ron Buchanan told Coun Wootten: “I am sorry to hear about the car parking problems being encountered by residents of Langford Gardens and that these have persisted for some time. I have referred the matter to our Director of Facilities, Paul Boocock, and hopefully a satisfactory resolution can be found.”