Keep your eagle eyes open for two feet tall owl still missing from Allington

Tash, the missing owl.
Tash, the missing owl.
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A European eagle owl remains missing from an Allington home after her aviary was discovered ajar on Friday.

The owl named Tash stands at approximately 2ft tall and has a wingspan of about 5ft.

On Friday, Malcolm and Christine Robbins who live just off the A1 at Allington, discovered that Tash’s aviary was open and that the bird was nowhere to be found.

They attended two reported sightings that day, but at the first location there was no sign of her and at the second the bird spotted turned out to be a buzzard

Christine said: “She has large orange eyes. This makes her very distinctive and unlike any wild bird people would see.”

People may also differentiate Tash from wild birds by the rings and jesses she has on.

Malcolm added: “She is quite friendly, but should anyone see or find her they are best calling us.”

If you see Tash please call Christine’s mobile on 07828 619812