Kick caused £565 of damage to vehicle in London Road, Grantham

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A MAN who caused £565 worth of damage to a car was told he must only pay back £300 to the owner.

Lea Prince, 24, was spared paying the full compensation claim because he has recently become unemployed.

Prince, of Second Avenue, Grantham, damaged the car after kicking a bin in London Road which collapsed onto a Mazda MX5 parked next to it. He then walked off without informing the owner or moving the bin off the car.

Prince initially denied it was him who caused the damage, saying it was his birthday and he was out of the country but admitted the offence after being shown CCTV footage.

As well as admitting criminal damage, Prince also admitted two charges of stealing from a shop.

On two separate occasions Prince walked into the World Star shop in London Road, on the first occasion stealing a bottle of vodka and on the second, stealing a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Bill Frasier, defending, asked magistrates to view the incidents as an “unfortunate lapse on Mr Prince’s part”.

He added: “By his own admission, he has been a bit of an idiot.”

Kevin Moody, chair of magistrates, said: “It is not good to see you back in court again. I have dealt with you many times before, especially in youth court.

“This is a lapse and we are taking it as a lapse.”

Prince was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £300 in compensation for the damage to the car, £15.49 for the vodka and £22.99 for the whiskey.