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Generous volunteers deliver care packages to elderly and vulnerable in Grantham

A group of generous residents are helping the needy in Grantham during the coronavirus outbreak by delivering care packages.

Emma Emms, husband Danny and friend Ian Haynes have been working flat out over the past week to deliver food to the elderly and vulnerable in the town.

They have set up a Facebook page – Grantham Care Packages – and have been delivering the packages all over town after people generously donated food and money to the cause. Morrisons has also been donating items and bags for the deliveries.

Danny Emms and Ian Haynes (33208366)
Danny Emms and Ian Haynes (33208366)

Emma has been co-ordinating the service, while Danny and Ian have been delivering packages to addresses. The friends are in the construction business and, with little work during the coronavirus outbreak, are taking time to help others.

Emma said: “We have been delivering about 25 packages every day and we have had to get extra help with delivering them.

“We are getting really busy. The donations keep coming in. People have been absolutely superb.”

Danny Emms and Ian Haynes (33208343)
Danny Emms and Ian Haynes (33208343)

More than £1,000 has been raised to help buy fuel and provisions for the packages in the space of a week.

Emma said: “I never expected it to reach that amount and donations are still coming in. Local businesses have been very generous with donations of £50 or £100. It’s amazing.”

People who need help can request it themselves or others can nominate them for a care package. Emma said some people had contacted them even though they said they had been ashamed to ask. “It really pulls at the heartstrings,” she said.

Grantham Care Packages have thanked Morrisons for its help in providing care packages. (33272198)
Grantham Care Packages have thanked Morrisons for its help in providing care packages. (33272198)

The £5 packages contain a range of food items including tea bags, tinned food, eggs, milk and toilet paper.

On launching the care packages, Ian said: “After helping a few people on a near daily basis, we couldn’t help but think to put a simple little care package in place for those who are physically unable to go to do their basic shop, either due to illness relating to Covid-19 or a non-related illness, or a single parent struggling to take all their children to the shops or an elderly person who is on three months’ isolation but have no contact with neighbours.”

Ian added: “We know in the coming weeks that times are going to get hard for most, if not all, of us so we must all try to look out for one another the best we can. I know there will be people out there already struggling and if you are one of them , or you know someone, please contact us here, or discretely through Messenger.”

Emma said the group would like to thank Morrisons for its help in donating food. She said the store has been ‘absolutely amazing’, donating food which provided two to three days of packages, even bagging up the provisions themselves.

People who have received the care packages and their relatives have been heaping praise on Danny, Ian and Emma.

Sammy Perry said: “My dad just received his package. He’s really, really happy with it. Thank you so much Ian Haynes for delivering it and thanks to your team of people. Truly amazing people for what you are doing to help everyone.”

Chloe May said: “Your care packages have made my wonderful elderly folk smile, saying ‘we still have good Samaritans in our world’. They are so grateful and overwhelmed with their packages received today.”

Anybody who would like to make a donation, ask for help or nominate someone for help should go to Grantham Care Packages on Facebook and message Emma.

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