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Labour Party activist calls on people to demonstrate against Margaret Thatcher statue when it is erected in Grantham

A Grantham activist has invited supporters of the Labour Party to demonstrate against a statue of Margaret Thatcher when it is erected in the town.

John Morgan, secretary of the Grantham Labour Party, addressed the Labour Party Conference yesterday about the problems facing Grantham High Street and told members that a statue of the former Grantham-born Prime Minister was due to be put up in the town centre.

Mr Morgan pointed out the the problems Grantham faces, saying there are many empty shops and charity shops, but a small number of big landowners who own the shops and keep the rents high.


He then told the conference about the proposal to erect a statue of Margaret Thatcher in Grantham, and invited the rest of the Labour movement to attend a demonstration against it.

A date for the erection of the statue has to be confirmed but it is thought it may happen before the end of the year. A concrete base for the statue has been laid down in St Peter's Hill.

Mr Morgan said: "The Labour Party is a national Party, so our Conference has delegates from all over the country. I think it is important to share our experience from Grantham to make sure it gets included in the Labour Party's policy. After all, we could be in government soon."

Mr Morgan said: "It is about time we had a government and an economy that serves the people, not the other way around, and I look forward to having a General Election as soon as we have stopped Boris Johnson from bringing a No-Deal Brexit and selling us all out to Donald Trump."

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