Labour’s presence is just a fairy story...

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I hope David Burling continues to write his column after his retirement as Chairman of the Labour Party, as I do enjoy a good fairy story.

As for ‘working hard to ensure the council is transparent and accountable’, the machinery to enable those two aims has always been there.

At the last council meeting, one of his members queried the practice of hearing prayers before meetings, saying it was unconstitutional and wrong.

I have decided that prayers will still be said, but before the start of the meeting. Those who wish may still attend.

Being a Grantham Councillor entails having one more responsibility, that of a Charter Trustee.

I must comment that for the most part, his members’ attendance at trustees meetings have been conspicuous by their absence.

In one column, David stated the importance of the public attending trustees meetings. I think the Mayor invited David to attend the last one. David, where were you?

Finally, I would like to wish the next chairman of the local Labour party well.

But please do not let politics get in the way of progress.

Cllr Mike Cook