Land Rover stolen from Stoke Rochford after spate of thefts in the Grantham area

Police crime news.
Police crime news.
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Another Land Rover has been stolen near Grantham following a spate of vehicle thefts in the area.

The latest theft was Friday night, in to Saturday morning, in Stoke Rochford. The vehicle was discovered at short distance away, having been stripped of parts, and the alarm on the vehicle had been disabled.

Anybody with information on this theft should call 101 and quote incident number 85 of May 21.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “During May there have been several thefts of Land Rover Defender vehicles in the rural area south of Grantham. The incidents have occurred in Pickworth, Sapperton, Stoke Rochford and Ingoldsby. Similar incidents have occurred in other parts of the country but not previously in the local area.

“Defender vehicles have been stolen and recovered soon after having been stripped of parts. Due to the end of production these vehicles are now increasing in value and as such are being targeted by thieves. Often they are kept at remote locations which increases the risk factor.

“If you are an owner or user of a Defender you should consider taking additional security measures. If possible park another vehicle to stop the Defender being moved. A tracker system would help in recovery of the vehicle and could reduce insurance premiums. Contact your insurance company for their advice, terms and conditions. Please report any suspicious persons or activity in the vicinity of these vehicles. There have been reports of male callers to the home address prior to the Defender being stolen. Unfortunately without any definitive descriptions.”