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Leave our roads in Grantham alone

Why was this so called consultation re the proposed road closures in Grantham kept so quiet?

Has anyone asked shopkeepers, local taxi drivers, ambulance and police car drivers, driving instructors, bus drivers and other regular road users for their opinions?

Every household in town should have been consulted on such a major issue. This council is doing a disservice to the town by going ahead with major changes when the majority of residents knew nothing about it.

Guildhall Street will be closed off to traffic from the High Street. (48105698)
Guildhall Street will be closed off to traffic from the High Street. (48105698)

After suffering over six months of road closures from September 2020 due to bridge repairs and many months of lockdown restrictions, surely now is not the best time to discourage shoppers from visiting Grantham by closing roads?

Shoppers need time after the pandemic to feel safe again whilst shopping and eating in town, but these road closures are likely to force them away rather than encouraging them.

Removing all the parking around the Market Cross certainly hasn’t helped the market and Westgate to flourish.

Also, it would be far better for all concerned to wait until the much-heralded bypass is finally opened before any changes are made, as this is apparently meant to reduce traffic in town.

This is a very poorly thought-out proposal. Closures will be made without any viable alternative routes that are not already gridlocked, especially at busy times.

How will Castlegate cope with extra traffic going south, which will invariably increase pollution by the National Junior School and St Wulfram’s, and what will be done to improve the junction of Castlegate with Avenue Road to cope with the extra volume of southbound traffic?

Sankt Augustin Way and Wharf Road are also regularly blocked and not suitable to take extra southbound traffic.

Why is it seen to be more important to cater for the modern cafe culture on wider pavements rather than those who have any mobility issues? How will partially-sighted people cope with all the extra street furniture and what facilities are being made for disabled people to park close to the Post Office and other important High Street shops, opticians etc?

How will pedestrians be kept safe from all the bikes, including electric bikes and the even more dangerous e-scooters which are being encouraged into town? Where will cyclists park their expensive new machines safely without the risk of them being stolen? Apparently one bike is stolen every six minutes every day across the UK, according to the BBC. Are visitors/shoppers really going to risk losing their expensive machines every time they visit?

Closing the High Street/Guildhall Street junction will cause major problems in Westgate for people trying to access the two popular car parks in Greenwood’s Row. Reducing traffic to only one lane in St Peter’s Hill and London Road will immediately double the already lengthy queues there. What a nightmare that will be!

These changes will not help footfall and shopkeepers because Grantham is an old town with many narrow streets and an ever-growing population who rely on their cars due to distance from home/work and lack of buses.

Cycling is a great leisure activity, but is totally impractical for anyone needing to carry a trolley load of food home, especially on a cold wet day.

Cyclists already have full use of the Riverside Walk and the canal path so have no need to endanger pedestrians by being encouraged on to the High Street and St Peter’s Hill. I wonder how long it will be before a cyclist or e-scooter runs into a pedestrian on our supposedly “improved” High Street.

Please leave our town roads alone, at least until after the bypass is opened and people have fully returned to work etc to see what the new “norm” will be.

Lynda North

Address supplied

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