Let private industry pay for Thatcher monument

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Let’s have a statue of Lady Thatcher for Grantham, and in accord with her principles, let this be funded wholly by private subscription, not public funding.

This will allow private individuals and private businesses – both domestic and foreign - to express their admiration of the Iron Lady.

Private wealth and private businesses have after all benefited from her legacy. The funds raised will be a true testament to the regard in which Lady Thatcher is held, after all, what could speak louder than the amount of hard cash donated to her memorial?

I further suggest a committee of local people be formed independent to any local government agencies to run and oversee this project – thus, avoiding any political controversy and as the lady herself made clear, private organisations are so much more efficient in completing any project and getting value for money.

Lady Thatcher taught us we must not be reliant on the “nanny state” so government - local or otherwise - should play no part in this.

No taxpayer’s money should be spent on this statue. This will surely silence any critics. I believe that Sir Isaac Newton’s statue was also funded by private subscription.

Perhaps a local historian could enlighten me on this?